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hat follows is my professional resume, or CV, and a short bio; some other books I have written; a link to my site (that has a list of all my publications, many downloadable PDF’s or my articles or chapters, and the start of my autobiography. Finally, there is a photo gallery of random pictures of me over time and places, along with a set of recent photos taken with various significant people I have met and interacted with at conferences or professional settings.

These images may be used for non-commercial purposes, with credit line to and link to when images are posted on the web.

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Jesus and Lucifer on Social Justice
By Rev. Jennifer Brooks
I was intrigued by television personality Glenn Beck's advice that Christians "run as fast as you can" from a church that has "social justice" on its website. Beck apparently sees "social justice" as something new, springing from Marxism and not only irrelevant but harmful to Christianity. Thinking about Beck’s advice, I asked myself, WWJD, "What Would...