The Lucifer Effect by Philip Zimbardo  

his page offers a small sample of photographs of Professor Zimbardo spanning more than 50 years. An interesting historical footnote: Professor Zimbardo was a high school classmate of Stanley Milgram, who later became a social psychologist and conducted famous studies on obedience to authority.

James Monroe High School Yearbook
(June 1950 Graduating Class)
Milgram is 2nd from right in back row; Zimbardo is 7th

Yearbook: Zimbardo (1950)
Yearbook: Milgram (1950)

Yale University (1956)

European Research Training Seminar in Experimental Social Psychology (1967)

Stanford Psych. Dept. Softball Champs (1968)

In Stanford Laboratory (1970)

Circa 1975

Shyness Seminar (1977)

Sporting an Afro (1980)

With Hopi Blanket (1980)

Circa 1990

Stanford Office (1995)

Writing Psychology and Life (1998)

Blue Man Group, Las Vegas (2000)

Florence, Italy (2000)

Venice, Italy (2000)

American Psych. Assn. Convention (2001)

Mixed Up (2001)

APA President (2002)

Anti-War Rally at Stanford (2003)

Sicilian High School Camarata (2004)

Making Pizza at Home (2006)

Viva Italia World Cup (2006)

Moscow (2006)

Phil, Christina, Zara, and Tanya

Family - Don, Zara, Tanya, Chris, and Adam

Birthdate Address (2007)

Photos of First APA Presidents, APA Central Office (2002)

With NYC Fireman Richie Murray (2001)

With Skull of Phineas Gage (2001)

Surgeon Gen. Richard Carmona (2003)

With Chip Frederick in San Francisco (2004)

With Bill Clinton (2004)

With Sec. State Madeline Albright (2004)

With Rwanda Pres. Paul Kagami (2004)

NSF Director Arden Bement, DC (2005)

With Debby Layton, Who Exposed Peoples Temple Abuses (2005)

Receiving Havel Award, Prague (2005)

With Vaclav Havel, Prague (2005)

With Iraq President Jalal Talabani (2005)

Former Brig. General Janis Karpinsky (2006)

With Storyteller, Journalist Studs Terkel

With Journalist Seymour Hersh (2006)

With Journalist Mark Danner (2006)

Artist Fernando Botero (2007)
(UC Berkeley Exhibit, Abu Ghraib torture images)

With Jon Stewart (2007)

Piero Angela, host and creator of Italian TV program, 'Super Quark' (2007)

With bust of Sicilian author, Luigi Pirandello (2007)

With favorite Jazz singer, Kim Nalley at APA Opening Ceremony (2007)

Lecturing on Evil and Heroism (2007)

Lecturing on Evil and Heroism (2007)

With Stephen Colbert (2008)

With Stephen Colbert (2008)

At The Colbert Report (2008)

Dr. Z Doing Good and Evil in London (2008)

Al Gore commenting on Dr. Z's Lecture, TED Conference (2008)

Robin Williams, TED Conference (2008)

Daily Show comedian, John Hodgman, TED Conference (2008)

With General Taguba (2008)

These images may be used for non-commercial purposes, with credit line to and link to when images are posted on the web.

Any commercial use requires a written request and permission from my office.

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